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Empowering Women

By teaching them productive skills, mothers are enabled to contribute to the in income of their family. Their ability to provide income results in increased independence and decreased susceptibility to domestic violence. Examples of the skills taught include sowing, handicraft, book keeping and English. Furthermore, by educating mothers on good child rearing methods, they are enabled to become better mothers for their children who in turn become less susceptible to child abuse.

Our Products

Skilled FLC members produce products like bed-sheet sets, tablecloth sets, Christmas decorations, gemstone jewelry, and a range of items such as bags from recycled material.

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Productive Skills

Mothers and young women learn and develop their skills on sewing, crafting and cooking. This class is aimed at helping them to produce marketable products. The lessons are:

Making jewelry of beads and gemstones
Making crafts of beads
Sewing bags of fabric’s scrap
Sewing set of bad cover and…

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Parenting Class

Mothers learn how to raise their children and take care of their family members. The class is consisting of series of learning on how to become a better mother for the family, a better person and a respectful women in the society, by developing personal vision, applying four attitudes (prayer…

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