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Empowering Children

Through FLC study groups, young children and teenagers learn academic subjects like Mathematics and English, artistic skills like dancing and handicraft, as well as practical subjects like awareness against abuse. FLC also raises scholarship funds, selects or recommends recipients, and transfers the donations directly to the recipient´s school. Many children of FLC members who previously were forced to drop out of school and become jockeys, beggars, buskers, or even forced into child prostitution by their own parents (before becoming FLC members) are now back in school, no longer child laborers.

Love to God's creation

Our children learn that animals are God’s creation that need love from human
Tito is a Vet who loves the children. He is one of our volunteer teachers…

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Bring Confident

Kiman and his grandpa one of our member in the community whose job is garbage picker, sometimes begging food and money.  When Kiman first join children’s class he could not pick up his head to look at others but now his getying more and more confident…

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Toddlers Class

Also taught by volunteers. The toddler learn about colors, numbers, objects with various games and activities…

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Tutorial Class

This class is also taught by volunteers. Children study school subjects like math to increase their understanding on particular subject and to help them reaching a good mark at school…

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English Class

This class is taught by volunteers. Children asked for this class so that they can speak English and communicate with foreigners. They believe this will be benefit for them in the future since English now is a global language…

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