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Archive for August, 2019

Taman Safari Trip

This trip has been held two times since last year. About 60 kids accompanied by some mothers from 2 locations were brought to Taman Safari to learn about wild animals and have outdoor activities…

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Celebrating Easter

Children learned about love by celebrating Easter. The activities were singing together, story telling, Easter’s egg competition, and distributing Easter gifts…

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Celebrating Christmas

These activities are for special occasion. It is more likely a community event or children trip…

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Our Products

Skilled FLC members produce products like bed-sheet sets, tablecloth sets, Christmas decorations, gemstone jewelry, and a range of items such as bags from recycled material.

You can check our product and its availability on “Our Products…

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Toddlers Class

Also taught by volunteers. The toddler learn about colors, numbers, objects with various games and activities…

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Tutorial Class

This class is also taught by volunteers. Children study school subjects like math to increase their understanding on particular subject and to help them reaching a good mark at school…

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English Class

This class is taught by volunteers. Children asked for this class so that they can speak English and communicate with foreigners. They believe this will be benefit for them in the future since English now is a global language…

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Scholarship Program

Giving children the opportunity to continue their study and preventing child labors. The program is now supporting 75 children from primary school to junior high school. About 10% of them were the dropped outs who now are able to go to school…

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Productive Skills

Mothers and young women learn and develop their skills on sewing, crafting and cooking. This class is aimed at helping them to produce marketable products. The lessons are:

Making jewelry of beads and gemstones
Making crafts of beads
Sewing bags of fabric’s scrap
Sewing set of bad cover and…

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Parenting Class

Mothers learn how to raise their children and take care of their family members. The class is consisting of series of learning on how to become a better mother for the family, a better person and a respectful women in the society, by developing personal vision, applying four attitudes (prayer…

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